Tecno R5, 4-inch IPS display & 8GB storage

Tecno R5

Tecno R5 is one of the smaller devices from Tecno mobile to run Android KitKat. Measuring 119.5 mm tall and 8.5 mm thick, this is a device that will be very comfortable for use by most people. The handset is characterized by a sharp 4-inch IPS display and Tecno’s latest design inspiration. There is a generous amount of onboard storage which is a rarity in this price range. With this package, you get a device that could easily serve as…continue reading »

Tecno H3, 2000mAh battery & Android KitKat

Tecno H3

Tecno H3 is an improvement of the P3. The new device has been given a facelift to match the improved look of current Tecno smartphones. The H3 is meant for basic telephony therefore has been fitted with just the necessary features. Its size, price and dual SIM capabilities is likely to catch the attention of those shopping for a modest smartphone. Compared to the P3, Tecno H3 is treated with an up-to-date operating system, improved camera and perhaps most importantly…continue reading »

Tecno Phantom Z mini, Octa-core CPU & Super AMOLED display

Tecno Phantom Z mini

Tecno Phantom Z mini measures a record-breaking 6.6 mm in thickness but that is as far as its compactness goes. The display is a 5-inch Super AMOLED type with a sharp resolution of 294 pixels per inch. Granted this is not a match for its larger sibling – the Phantom Z, but the equipped AMOLED display plays a huge role in ensuring complete crispness and color saturation. We can’t emphasize enough on just how slim the Phantom Z mini is….continue reading »

Tecno L7, 2GB RAM & Dolby audio

Tecno L7

For a budget price, Tecno L7 offers 2GB of RAM enough to run multiple apps at a go. Those who read our Tecno F6 review (4.7” HD display, Dolby music, Android KitKat) will immediately recognize similarities between these two devices. With a slightly bigger display and double the memory, Tecno L7 is tailored to provide you with seamless entertainment and productivity needs from a budget 5-inch smartphone. The highlight on this handset however is its unbeatable 3050mAh battery that promises…continue reading »

Tecno H6, 8GB storage & Android KitKat

Tecno H6

Being one of the major competitors on the African market, it looks like Tecno have really studied and understood the majority of the African population’s living standards. This is because they are releasing devices with great features but which are not prohibitively expensive. In fact, some commentators have opined that their devices are too cheap for their specs. Actually, there might be some truth in this statement. Look at Tecno H3 and now Tecno H6 and you will realize that…continue reading »