Tecno Phones in Kenya

Tecno L6, 1GB RAM & up to 30h talk time

Tecno L6

From the naming hierarchy, Tecno L6 is a more affordable descendant of the L7 hoping to get itself a share of the sub 20K market. It inherits the large battery from the L7 and adds some smart improvements for a record-breaking performance. This is one of the largest budget smartphones around and you won’t miss to notice the spacious display when you start using the handset for the first time. It features a simple design which lacks the trimmings we…continue reading »

Tecno P6 Phantom A mini, qHD display & Android 4.4 KitKat

Tecno P6 Phantom A mini

Here comes another loaded phone from Tecno but at a pocket friendly price. The Tecno Phantom A mini (Tecno P6) is laden with both appealing specs and with gaps worth complaining about. As premium as it might look, it is all plastic and the capacity of the battery is struggling at 1800mAh. Furthermore, the 245 ppi display seems like a rip-off when you consider that the F6 offers a larger display with 316 ppi in this price range. Just in…continue reading »

Tecno R5, 4.0 IPS display & 8GB

Tecno R5

Tecno R5 is one of the smaller devices from Tecno mobile to run Android Kitkat. Measuring 119.5 mm tall and 8.5 mm thick, this is a device that will be very comfortable for use by most people. The handset is characterized by a sharp 4.0 inch IPS display and Tecno’s latest design inspiration. There is a generous amount of onboard storage which is a rarity in this price range. With this package, you get a device that could easily serve…continue reading »

Tecno H3, 2000mAh battery & Android KitKat

Tecno H3

Tecno H3 is an improvement of the P3. The new device has been given a facelift to match the improved look of current Tecno smartphones. The H3 is meant for basic telephony therefore has been fitted with just the necessary features. Its size, price and dual SIM capabilities is likely to catch the attention of those shopping for a modest smartphone. Compared to the P3, Tecno H3 is treated with an up-to-date operating system, improved camera and perhaps most importantly…continue reading »

Tecno Phantom Z mini, 8-core CPU & Super AMOLED display

Tecno Phantom Z mini

Tecno Phantom Z mini measures a record-breaking 6.6 mm in thickness but that is as far as its compactness goes. The display is a 5-inch Super AMOLED type with a decent resolution of 294 pixels per inch. Granted this is not a match for its larger sibling – the Phantom Z, but the well equipped 5-inch display plays a huge role in ensuring adequate crispness and color saturation. We can’t emphasize enough on just how slim the Phantom Z mini…continue reading »