InnJoo Fire, 5.0 qHD & 2GB RAM

InnJoo Fire

InnJoo Fire is yet another cheaply made smartphone for the Kenyan mainstream smartphone market. The Chinese phone maker has specialized in producing very cheap phones and the success it has had with preceding models in the local market is an indication that there are many more models to come. The display is a generous 5- inches although the spirit was not extended to the resolution with the same enthusiasm. This is because it uses a qHD type of display which…continue reading »

Huawei MediaPad M2, 2 GHz octa & Harman Kardon

Huawei MediaPad M2 8.0

Huawei MediaPad M2 was launched exactly one year after the original series was started and offers a great mid- range option to buyers looking for a small- sized tablet. Launched in Paris, France in May 2015, the tab comes with an 8- inch 1200p Full High Definition display. That alone plus the metal chassis that covers the body already implies that this is a higher mid- range offering. It weighs only 330 grams and the thickness spans a modest 7.8…continue reading »

Microsoft Surface 3, 64GB & Windows 8.1

Microsoft Surface 3

This is the third generation in the Surface series which comes with the excitement of an impending Windows 10 upgrade. Microsoft Surface 3 is a full- sized 2-in- 1 tablet that has for the first time since the series was introduced back in 2013, rolled out with a full version of Windows. Although it comes at a much cheaper price than Microsoft Surface pro 3, the high- end Surface 3 will end up costing almost the same if you add…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy J5, 5.0 HD & selfie LED

Samsung Galaxy J5 for China Mobile

Ever since the release of Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, there was a strong feeling in the air that 2015 could see a major smartphone battle on the selfies front. That battle could not however possibly reach its peak because selfies were already a thing in the year 2014 so much so that nearly all the smartphones this year, ranging from lowly budget phones to premium flagships have had a front- facing camera. What we are now witnessing in the market…continue reading »

Lenovo Vibe Shot, 16MP OIS & Android 5.0

Lenovo Vibe Shot

Lenovo Vibe Shot is the boldest mid- range smartphone that the Chinese manufacturer has produced since the highly acclaimed Lenovo Vibe X2. It does not possess the same layering design of its predecessor nor the sophistication of the flagship Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro but it still pulls its own weight by offering something new. Lenovo Vibe Shot as hinted in its name is a formidable camera phone. Its credentials are further enhanced by the design cues which include two buttons…continue reading »