Lenovo Vibe Shot, 16MP OIS & Android 5.0

Lenovo Vibe Shot

Lenovo Vibe Shot is the boldest mid- range smartphone that the Chinese manufacturer has produced since the highly acclaimed Lenovo Vibe X2. It does not possess the same layering design of its predecessor nor the sophistication of the flagship Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro but it still pulls its own weight by offering something new. Lenovo Vibe Shot as hinted in its name is a formidable camera phone. Its credentials are further enhanced by the design cues which include two buttons…continue reading »

Acer Liquid Z520, 8GB & DTS

Acer Liquid Z520

Acer Liquid Z520 brings a 5- inch display screen to an Android device resulting in a competitive product for a shoestring budget. It is one of 2015’s go- to smartphones in the entry- level category and as it turns out, this mass market is brimming with great potential in Kenya. At an expected retail price of Ksh. 13, 999 Acer offers a 3G smartphone that is poised to provide an ideal user experience from low- cost hardware. This includes the…continue reading »

HTC Desire 526G+, 4.7 qHD & 8MP

HTC Desire 526G+

Buying a budget smartphone can be tricky business in Kenya considering the number of counterfeit products in the market and the questionable integrity of devices from some little known manufacturers. This is why I would advise that if you are going for such a deal, it is wise to play it safe by selecting options from brands that have already built trust over several years. HTC is one such trusted brand whose products have passed the test of quality. HTC…continue reading »

iSurf Clip On IS1836IDT, IP41 & Windows 8.1

iSurf Clip On IS1836IDT

There are very many reviews that we have done here of tablets which are mostly suited for business and entertainment and it is not by accident. Most tabs out there are targeted at the big spenders who happen to be entrepreneurs and ordinary people looking for a large portable device for indulging in games and multimedia viewing. iSurf Clip On slate with the serial number IS1836IDT however takes a whole different direction intentionally targeting learners and teachers looking to enrich…continue reading »

Mecer B26T, 10.1 IPS & Gorilla Glass


South African technology firm Mustek, which distributes the Mecer brand of electronics, has brought the Mecer B26T tablet to Kenyan soil. Mecer B26T is a full- sized tablet that is available at mid- range pricing for users that appreciate the functionality of Windows operating system. Currently retailing on Jumia online store at Ksh. 35 499, the slate comes with a 10.1- inch display made out of IPS material. The display is reinforced by Corning Gorilla Glass for durability. Images will…continue reading »