Samsung Phones in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G, Android 4.4.4 & 5MP

Samsung Galaxy J1 4G

The South Korean company, Samsung, has a new entry- level smartphone in the name of Samsung Galaxy J1 4G. This is currently the cheapest smartphone that you can purchase from the manufacturer capable of providing access to 4G internet speeds. It is a small smartphone with a height of only 5.08 inches. As a result, the display is even smaller with a diagonal measurement of 4.3 inches. It uses a WVGA TFT capacitive touchscreen with a low resolution of 480p…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, 5.1 dual edge & Gorilla Glass 4

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge launched at the same time as its other non- identical twin, the Galaxy S6. Both phones have come with bold innovations that break both the company’s and the industry’s traditions of smartphone design. As it was with the case of the Galaxy S6, the S6 edge has a body built from metal and glass. But in this case, the design of the S6 edge display is a leap into the future. Utilizing a QHD Super AMOLED…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy S6, 16MP OIS & 3GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy S6

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Alpha in September of last year, we were all pleasantly surprised to discover that for the very first time, the company had used aluminum for the frame. Never had Samsung broken away from the utilitarian plastic and glass materials that have characterized their flagship phones over the years. As if the Alpha was floated in the market to preempt what we were to see later in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has come with a…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy Alpha, 32GB & Gorilla Glass 4

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is one of those top of the food chain classy devices only Sh. 52,499 can buy and for that amount you would expect a phone that should pretty much do all your bidding. For starters, this is one phone whose beauty speaks for itself through its sleek design and a thoroughly compact build. The best part of this phone aside from its elegance is the 4.7 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colors. You wouldn’t…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy E5, 7.3 mm unibody & Android KitKat

Samsung Galaxy E5

Image is everything, not only for men but for virtually companies and devices alike. This fact is well projected by the 5-inch Samsung Galaxy E5 which is an amazing, attractive, lighter and thinner model with a modish plastic body that is appealing to the eye. It comes in three hues; black, white and brown thus you are spoilt for choice. The cute design does not compromise its performance. Embedded in the pewter casing is a powerful device that defies the…continue reading »