Samsung Phones in Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus, 5.7 dual edge & 32GB

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

Samsung has introduced yet another dual- curved display smartphone thanks to the success of the original Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ has the same general design as the Galaxy S6 edge but with the bigger display screen to work with. This curiously follows hot on the heels of the Galaxy S6 edge’s fast sales and its scooping an award for most advanced smartphone courtesy of the European Imaging and Sound Association. It is a true design masterpiece…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy Note 5, 4GB RAM & Android 5.1.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After almost a year filled with anticipation and speculation, Samsung fans have finally been shown what the Galaxy Note 5 really looks like. Announced by the Korean electronics company on August 13th 2015, the new Note is aimed at enhancing productivity for its users by increasing its performance. But before we even analyze the productivity, it is very easy to be distracted by the phone’s appearance from the first glance. What will catch the eye instantly is the large crisp…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy J5, 5.0 HD & selfie LED

Samsung Galaxy J5 for China Mobile

Ever since the release of Lenovo Vibe X2 Pro, there was a strong feeling in the air that 2015 could see a major smartphone battle on the selfies front. That battle could not however possibly reach its peak because selfies were already a thing in the year 2014 so much so that nearly all the smartphones this year, ranging from lowly budget phones to premium flagships have had a front- facing camera. What we are now witnessing in the market…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3, IP67 & 4G LTE

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3

Smartphone manufacturers have worked hard to produce devices that are fast, reliable and offer good value for money. These parameters enable them to carve out niches that will feed on the products and lead to sales success. However, the need for devices built to withstand the natural elements of everyday life and which are durable has remained a key factor in the marketing campaigns. That is why smartphones that have reinforcements such as Corning Gorilla Glass, water and dust proofing…continue reading »

Samsung Galaxy E7, 5.5 Super AMOLED & 13MP

Samsung Galaxy E7

Samsung Galaxy E7 takes after a leviathan among premium phablets in the form of Samsung Galaxy A7 and what’s more, it keeps most of the good stuff. This is one of those 5.5- inch phablets that makes you yearn for a bigger screen just to enjoy the prestige because there is no way you would hold it in your hand and not get noticed right away. Samsung Galaxy E7 inherits the shape of the A7 including the height of 151…continue reading »