Huawei Phones in Kenya

Huawei Honor 7, 5.2 Full HD & 20MP

Huawei Honor 7

With a 5.2- inch display, a metal unibody and tons of high- end specifications, the Huawei Honor 7 has truly raised the bar for higher mid- range smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer has raised the bar so high that some tech pundits are worried that it offers a cheaper alternative to the company’s flagship Huawei P8 but with such impressive specifications that the two brands are almost pitted against each other. In keeping with the standards set by last year’s Honor…continue reading »

Huawei P8, 13MP OIS & 3GB RAM

Huawei P8

Huawei P8 is the Chinese manufacturer’s successor to Huawei Ascend P7. The most obvious thing to point out from the word go is the fact that the naming code has changed slightly by chopping off the “Ascend” part. On a more elaborate scale, Huawei P8 is a better smartphone than its predecessor and it even has a more elegant design making it leap further away in attractiveness. The case is made out of metal plus it has been assembled carefully…continue reading »

Huawei P8lite, Android 5.0.2 & Kirin 620

Huawei P8lite

Huawei P8lite is a much cheaper and more portable version of Huawei P8max. Both devices are chips from the Huawei P8 flagship block with their unique characteristics creating almost independent products with their own niches. Huawei P8lite is adapted more closely to its flagship sibling albeit settling in the mid- range category. It has a 5- inch display with HD resolution of 720p which is decent enough considering the pricing. Although the body is built from plastic and there is…continue reading »

Huawei P8max, 6.8 LTPS & dual SIM

Huawei P8max

They say when the competition gets stiff, thinking outside the box can prove to be the difference between staying afloat and being wiped clean out of the game. Huawei has consistently curved out a niche for itself with low- cost and high-end devices in a mix that has included ingenious innovations. This tendency could however not prepare us for the Huawei P8max which is the Chinese manufacturer’s latest phablet installment. Without much further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the first 6.8-…continue reading »

Huawei Honor 4C, 5MP selfie & Kirin 620

Huawei Honor 4C

Huawei Honor 4C is the smartphone version of the lowly priced Honor 4X phablet. As a consequence, almost every other spec remains the same aside from the overall size. It is hard to argue against certain facts like tea should be served hot, beer should be served cold, roast meat should be marinated and of course smartphones should have a 5- inch display for the ultimate satisfaction. As it were, there are those who will argue that ice tea is…continue reading »